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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sept 2014 Visa Bulletin Moved!

The Visa Bulletin for September 2014 moved forward.  Big news for many.  Some of our clients want to know if they will indeed receive their green card next month, if their I-485 has been pending.  The things to know or consider are the following:


  1. Your spot in line will open (check the Visa Bulletin here ).


  2. The number of applications filed and pending is large.  Will US CIS be able to process and spit out Approval Notice for everyone who deserves it?  We assume they will.  Nonetheless, here is the chart of employment-based I-485 applications pending at CIS  -- sorted by month/year:


  3. Item #2 brings up another good point: Did your Medical RFE Response and/or employment RFE that was mailed back (in response the mass-RFE’s issued in June 2014) meet up with the filing on time. In other words, will is your file re-reviewed, finalized and tagged to simply need the issuance of an Approval Notice? … or does it require yet another look by an officer? 


  4. And not least, US CIS will be ready to issue an approval of your Adjustment of Status, so make sure your address is current with CIS! See the CIS cite link about retrogressed visas pending adjudication:


We hope that things have gone smoothly on your case and it is queued for approval now.  No way to be sure until the moment of potential approval comes and goes starting Sept 1st (when approval notices start getting issued) and near the end of October (when all mail has surely arrived and the lack of approval would also be telling).

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