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Individual Immigration

Immigration for Individuals can mean exploring immigration options for an individual under several immigration scenarios and we invite you to explore these further in the website:

  • Business immigration options for the Individual
    • Temporary or permanent visas for businesspeople or investors
    • Portability provisions for H-1Bs
    • New immigration options if going through a divorce and the prior business visa will no longer allow derivative status
    • Moving a child out of derivative status into Student Status or another status
  • Family immigration options for the individual through familial relationships, like
    • Fiancées, parents, spouses and children of US citizens
    • Spouses and children of green card holders
    • Brothers and sisters of US citizens (a category that may be eliminated by law)
  • Obtaining US Citizenship
    • Do you need to submit your citizenship application? We are currently processing naturalization filings for current green card holders
    • Did you know you can obtain citizenship as the grandchild of a US citizen?

An individual may call us with a request for a family-based green card.  After a consultation, they may find that waiting years for the particular green card is unnecessary.  Or, they may leave our offices with a two-pronged strategy: a temporary visa under business-immigration categories and a later-occurring green card through the family member.

The lawyers of Lang Wallace utilize knowledge, skill and experience to strategize the best temporary visa and green card options for individuals.  We ask questions to

  • obtain the right temporary visa to the United States
  • assist with the preparation of documents for the visa
  • track the expiration dates
  • plan for a green card that best suits the situation

In a strategy meeting, factor in:

  • timing/speed until you are using the visa on US soil
  • ability to change status
  • ability to travel through pendency and use of the visa
  • ability to move to a green card, if needed
  • work options for the spouse and children
  • children who may “age out” of derivative status at age 21
  • cost.

Our job is to communicate a plan. When you say “ok, let’s start,” you will know your visa options and your odds of navigating through the government’s many pitfalls.

Lang Wallace LLC is based in Annandale Virginia, USA near Washington D.C. and serves clients throughout the United States and globally.

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